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The first ride on in the world powered by human motion simulation came out in 1995. The inventor-Mr. Nie Wenlong, retired from his job as an engineer and generated an idea to make a mechanical riding horse for his little grandson, the idea came out from the prototype of the WOODE-OX of the " Three Kingdoms" dynasty, 1800 years ago.

Everyone agrees it’s a wonderful idea, but no one believe it is possible to produce such a complicated toy at home without professional instruments and knowledge. However, Mr. Nie started without any hesitation. Following the fundamental principle based on push-pull rod, the original power from human motion.  he started cutting, grinding and welding, and combining every piece of materials together for primeval mechanical riding horse. He repeated studies and improvements, and finally, he invented the magic riding toy in 2000.

In 2003, his son established the company exclusively produce this mechanical toys to bring more happiness to kids all over the world. The company registered the brand PonyCycle® world widely, and applied for intellectual property protection. The aim of the company is to be a centurial brand and let kids from all countries can enjoy the ride with PonyCycle® toy. During these years, the company is open to the feedbacks and voices from customers all over the world and keeps on improving the products details.

with distributors
around the globe,
the PonyCycle story continues
to grow. Welcome to join us to
write the PonyCycle story
in future.

We aim to offering the best quality product to every consumer all the time.

We never stopped improving our design & quality in the past 15 years and launching new generation products gradually.

At the moment, we have owned mature technology, stable product performance, and developed an effective quality control system & perfect after-sales service system. The strict implementation of international toy safety standards effectively executed during production.

We are very proud that our product is the best in the market of same category product no matter design or quality. We have customers from 90 countries already.